In-the-Hoop Embroidery Project "Coins"

F_11_1.jpgTo embroider a Design from the collection "Coins" with such a beautiful reverse side isn't just easy, it's very easy. We'll show you how to do that in this short article.

All the Designs from the collection are represented in two variants - for embroidery as a regular chevron (the variant with the prefix_1) and for embroidery with imposed fabric on the reverse side (the variant with the prefix_2). For sure, the first variant is easier to embroider, the second is more difficult, but the embroidered coin will look impeccably from all sides.

As a foundation for embroidery you may take any dense texture. I embroidered on two-ply cotton, carefully cutting the edge of the coin then. Though, it'll be better, if your fabric will be stable. For example - an artificial suede. I put 2 layers of detachable stabilizer (of 60 g\m thickness) under the suede, which is rather thick by touch. Unite all these things in one 'sandwich' in the hoops.

money-1_1.jpgEmbroider first two colors in the Design. Take the hoops from the embroidery machine off. Don't take the fabric out of the hoops! The embroidery on this stage will look like on the picture on the left.

money-2_0.jpgTurn the hoops over and put the fabric (of a bit bigger size than the embroidery) over the reverse side. You can pick any fabric you like. Fix it with some textile glue or with the ordinary stationery glue stick.

money-3_0.jpgCarefully holding the imposed fabric on the reverse side, put the hoops back to the machine and embroider with the 3rd color. That will be a fixating stitch + narrow zigzag. You can take thread of any color, they will be hidden with the outer facing. I embroidered the 3rd color in red.

money-4_0.jpgTake the hoops out of the machine again, without touching the embroidery. Turn over and carefully cut the fabric on the reverse side, close to the border of zigzag line. Like it's shown on the picture on the left.

money-5_0.jpgPut the hoops in the machine again and embroider the last color. That will be the facing of your coin. It'll hide the cut edge of the lining. Voila - the result is in front of you. Now you should just remove the embroidery from the hoops, tear the stabilizer and cut the foundation fabric close to the edge.