Machine Embroidery_History

Do you know when did the first embroidery machines appeared? You might be surprised, but the first specialized embroidery machine will be 200 years old in 2029!

Sometimes you may come across a discussion on forums and blogs of what's better: hand or machine embroidery? Hand embroidery supporters often offend machine embroidery in soulless and the absence of originality, in the way that every embroidered sample looks just the same as the previous one. Who knows, maybe in XIX also there were ladies who prefered only manual embroidery because of the same reason? There is nothing new under the sun..

We'll tell you about the stages of machine embroidery development, from the very first manually operated embroidery machine, to the modern computerized robots in our short essays. The essays are written with the help of Russian and English language websites.

Just click on pictures and look. To be continued.

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