Сumulative discount is considered as follows:

Each customer who made one or several purchases and whose order reached
- $75 gets a permanent discount in 3%,
- 150 $ - 5%,
- 300 $7%,
- 500 $ and more - 10%.

Cumulative discount is valid after attaining aforecited limits. You will get it with the very next order. It doesn't apply to the custom-made orders.

There are 2 lovely GIFTS with purchases this month!
W411p.jpgFor purchase from $ 20, you'll get a new Machine Embroidery Design "Spruce branch"

A138a_1.jpgBy making a purchase on the site in the amount of 50$, you'll get a lovely Machine Embroidery Design in FSL Technique "Little Christmas tree"

Welcome here and have an easy embroidery!