"Scarlet Poppie 3D"

SKU: A058
Machine Embroidery Design

Machine Embroidery Design "Scarlet Poppie 3D" in FSL technique
Size of a collected flower is 75mm

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A058_0.jpg176x117mm; St: 15498; Clrs: 4/6;
4 Designs embrioders in one hooping

1_5.jpgBefore you start embroidering А058 Design, you should hoop water-soluble stabilizer into the hoops (only stabilizer without any fabric) and embroider the 1st color. It will show the fabric's place for an applique.

2_1.jpgLay the fabric on the water-soluble stabilizer and fix it with pins. Embroider the 2nd color - that's a temporary stitching which will fix fabric and stabilizer.

3_0.jpgEmbroider 3rd and 4th colors of the Design and cut the fabric as close to the stitching as you can, without touching water-soluble stabilizer.

4_1.jpgEmbroider the Design up to the end. Than collect the flower like in this Master-Class: "Neck "Magic" - How to Embroider".

EmbrPoppie.jpgEmbroidered Design.