Convert Designs in Embird Program

If you don't have a format supported by you embroidery machine in your collection of designs, you can ask the designer who created the design to translate (convert) it in a different format or you can do that by yourself, using Embird facilities - multi-functional program for editing and creating Machine Embroidery Designs. The opportunity of converting embroidery formats - is one of many its features.

If you don't have this program yet or you're not ready to purchase it right away, you can download and install its demo version for free, which will allow you to use this program within 30 days.

Download installation files and Embird installation instructions (click on the link with the left mouse button)

You can download the Design which was used as an example for this master class for free here: "Sakura".

Embird_1_0.jpgOpen a design in the program. The opened design will be marked with the blue colour on the right, in the list of designs.

Embird_2_0.jpgClick on the design's name with the right mouse button. You'll find 'Convert Files' line in the opened menu.

Embird_3_0.jpgClick with the left mouse button on this line. A window with a big list of formats will be opened.
You'll find a recognisable by your machine format in this list, for example XXX, and you should tick it in the box. Also, tick "Center in hoop" box so your design will be saved right in the center of hoops.

Embird_4_0.jpgNow you should pick the right hoops which match the design's size. Click "Hoop Size" button in the bottom right corner for that.

Embird_5_0.jpgThe program will open a new window in which you should find hoops of your machine's trade mark and ones matching the embroidery size. The list of hoops is pretty big (3 pages), so if you haven't found the hoops you need, take a look at the following pages. For example I need hoops for Singer machine, they were found on the third page.

Embird_6_0.jpgIf you haven't found the size you need among the list of standard hoops, open "Custom" page, tick "Custom hoop" and type the size of your hoops in millimeters.

Embird_7_0.jpgClick "OK" button in every window one by one afterwards. You will see a message that the conversion was successfully completed.

Embird_8_0.jpgClick "OK". Make sure that your machine's format has appeared in the list of designs. Now you have to load the design in the machine and start embroidery.
Good luck!